Scott Gunderson: I support Rick Green

Scott Gunderson – Commander USN Retired – announced his endorsement and support this morning for Rick Green and his congressional campaign.

Said Gunderson “We have the best opportunity in years to take back the 3rd district house seat in Massachusetts for the Republican Party. Rick Green has shown that he is in a position to use his leadership skills and business experience to give us the best chance to win the seat and deliver a government that works for the people of the 3rd district.”

“For those reasons, I have decided to put personal aspirations aside and throw my full support behind Rick and to help him bring fiscal sanity and accountability back to the state.  As a retired military veteran, I recognize capable leadership when I see it and Rick has it. I hope you will join me in supporting Rick Green for Congress” said Gunderson.

“Knowing the strength of Scott’s convictions, I’m truly honored to have his support,” said Green.